The Higher Self

Your Higher Self is that part of you buried deep in your subconscious. When its formidable barriers are breached, one has the capacity to create the world around.  The way to gain favor with your ‘self made perfect’,i.e. your Higher Self, is through the breath, to name but one method. When following the breath to the exclusion of all other thoughts, your Higher Self will begin to manifest itself in your world. Perhaps appearing as a synchronicity, or a premonition. In any event, lets us try to bring forth this greater consciousness for the betterment of all humanity.


About Frank Julius Palumbo

Frank Julius Palumbo is a native New Yorker where he has worked in law enforcement for the past fifteen years. He has a deep interest in both religion and science, with a particular focus on the Kabala, Buddhism, and quantum physics. He is a student of Zazen meditation and has been practicing it daily for the past thirty years. He enjoys painting and sculpting, and his work has been featured on magazine covers. Frank spends his time with his family in the Catskills Mountains, hiking, fishing, and camping.
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