Our True State

When one realizes that man’s true state of ‘Being’ is a point of light in an infinite void of creativity, fear melts away and the ego fades. Our True identity has been forgotten, concealed and imprisoned by our (MY) laziness. To return we must silence the mind, stop all the random thoughts about this worry and that worry. I have seen snippets of this reality, but it is still seldom.  However, I consider myself a professional meditator or should I say I train like a professional, yet that which I had experienced still evades me. The goal for me and I believe Is the goal for all, regardless of who you choose to worship is to live it 24/7. Namaste. 


About Frank Julius Palumbo

Frank Julius Palumbo is a native New Yorker where he has worked in law enforcement for the past fifteen years. He has a deep interest in both religion and science, with a particular focus on the Kabala, Buddhism, and quantum physics. He is a student of Zazen meditation and has been practicing it daily for the past thirty years. He enjoys painting and sculpting, and his work has been featured on magazine covers. Frank spends his time with his family in the Catskills Mountains, hiking, fishing, and camping.
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