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The Demons Among Us: Exploring Demonic Possession.

Frankjuliuspalumbo.com Frankjuliuspalumbo.wordpress.com Sullen Falls: A new Horror by Frank Julius Palumbo. (Actually, from the reviews, I should call it extreme horror) https://www.amazon.com/Sullen-Falls-Frank-Julius-Palumbo-ebook/dp/B01HC2TY46 The ultimate in Horror. Demons Among Us At nine years old, I found myself walking to the movie … Continue reading

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Aliens and Astral Projection

Frankjuliuspalumbo.com                 Frankjuliuspalumbo.wordpress.com Sullen Falls – New Horror- Top 9% in my Genre on Amazon.com Aliens and Astral Projection If a person were to start counting off in seconds, how long do you think it would take to get to a … Continue reading

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Our True State

When one realizes that man’s true state of ‘Being’ is a point of light in an infinite void of creativity, fear melts away and the ego fades. Our True identity has been forgotten, concealed and imprisoned by our (MY) laziness. … Continue reading

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The Higher Self

Your Higher Self is that part of you buried deep in your subconscious. When its formidable barriers are breached, one has the capacity to create the world around.  The way to gain favor with your ‘self made perfect’,i.e. your Higher … Continue reading

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